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Other recent cases we have successfully concluded:

BANKRUPTCY: Client was not paid for services rendered to company protected by Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings. Successfully collected full amount owed by forcing delay in conclusion of debtor's reorganization.

Client was listed as creditor in Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing. Assisted client to establish that materials in fact furnished to a third-party, not the bankrupt company. Client received immediate payment in full on unpaid invoices and provided favorable credit terms for future sales.

In bankruptcy proceedings in another State, a judgment was entered against individual bankrupt debtor on account of alleged fraudulent filing of insurance claim. Debtor moved to Michigan and filed bankruptcy on account of judgment. Settled judgment based on record of proceedings in other State to support claim that judgment was not dischargeable under bankruptcy law.

BANKRUPTCY/BUILDER'S TRUST: Individual builder filed personal bankruptcy. Recovered non-dischargeable judgment against builder for balance owing to subcontractor even though bankrupt debtor claimed his deceased partner controlled payment of bills.

BANKRUPTCY/DIVORCE: In divorce settlement, wife was awarded restaurant business and property subject to indebtedness to husband. She subsequently sold the restaurant and the real estate. Ex-husband then filed bankruptcy. Successfully defended former wife in suit by ex-husband's trustee in bankruptcy to collect former husband's interest in proceeds of sale.

Husband assumed marital debts. Wife protected against husband filing bankruptcy unless husband files Chapter 13 (wage earner's) bankruptcy.

DIVORCE: Parties owned parcel of commercial real estate with unknown potential future value. Negotiated property division taking into account wife's interest in the property.

Wife took minor child out of state on vacation, but refused to return. Filed divorce case here for husband raising issue of child custody. Successfully forced wife to return to Michigan with the youngster and resolved custody issue to preserve husband's weekly parenting time privileges in Michigan.

Mortgage balance exceeded value of home. Mediated settlement providing minimal adjustment against husband's IRA account in exchange for award of residence to husband.

HOSPITALITY LAW: Assisted client in negotiating and drafting agreements to host large outdoor music festival.

MICRO FINANCING: Client chose to make small loan to entrepreneurial minded person whose business did not support traditional commercial financing. Assisted client to structure transaction with security interest against revolving inventory that is superior to any claim of the seller of the inventory.

PROBATE: Clients' elderly grandmother placed names of relatives on her bank accounts to exclusion of grandchildren. Filed conservatorship proceedings resulting in removal of relatives from accounts and preserving inheritance for grandchildren.

Husband excluded as beneficiary of will in favor of children of prior marriage. Represented husband and creditor of decedent and husband. Asserted husband's rights as surviving spouse to allow for husband to share in estate to satisfy liability to creditor.

Reduced claim of co-beneficiary of decedent's bank accounts because of declined mental status of decedent when co-beneficiary was added to the accounts.

PROBATE/REAL ESTATE: Deed to land contract purchaser never recorded. Heirs of seller disputed whether final payments made. Probate Court ruled in favor of heir of buyer accepting argument that land contract seller failed to timely pursue any claim for balance owing.

SALE OF BUSINESS: Structured sale price to include post closing sharing of profits of business.

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