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At GOTTLIEB & GOREN, P.C., we are EXPERIENCED and provide EFFECTIVE representation on a COST EFFICIENT basis. We are TENACIOUS and welcome the opportunity to undertake the CHALLENGING case.

SHAPING THE LAW: We directly participated in shaping the law with these appellate cases:

AT-WILL EMPLOYMENT: Right of employee to rely on employer's manual to establish employee's right to continued employment except for showing of good cause.

BANKRUPTCY: Clarification of bankruptcy trustee's rights against debtor in bankruptcy where debtor owns real estate with spouse who did not file bankruptcy.

CONSTRUCTION LIEN: Construction lien claimant does not have to serve notice of furnishing document if deals directly with owner.

RETIREE HEALTH BENEFITS: Preserved rights of retired employees to continue to receive promised health benefits.


In the many years we have practiced, we have experienced the shift from resolution of court cases by trial to the disposition of court cases through various means of alternate dispute resolution (e.g., facilitated mediation, binding arbitration, case evaluation by a panel of attorneys). We are prepared to participate in alternate dispute resolution and by taking the case to trial.


When a large law firm down sized, we were honored by two partners to represent them in contentious proceedings with their former firm.


Our article on pre-accident releases has been republished in a number of publications directed to the outdoor recreation industry.


If you are passionate about what you do or what you desire to accomplish and you understand that business is business, you'll want us on your side. If you appreciate that business can be theater, that's okay, too!


Sometimes our assigned task is to figure out how to say, "Yes, you can do that." Other times, our task is to assist to evaluate whether the client should proceed. Either way, we can provide a relevant approach to a problem in light of the client's overall business plan.

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